Steak It Easy is a meat restaurant with a remarkable interior.

Steak It Easy

Steak It Easy is a meat restaurant with a remarkable interior, offering delicious, appetizing and affordable meat and other dishes at any time.

The place is nestled in the business center "Belye Sady" on the ground floor. Its stylish interior is decorated in blue and beige hues. The impression entering the place is af if you stepped in a painting due to the fairy-tale ambience of the place. The thought-out space zoning of the main hall lets either big groups or small companies feel fully comfortable. Closer to the end of spring we open a cozy veranda, which hosts guests till the first cold spells.

The house specialty is clear from its name, Steak It Easy. Ribeye, filet mignon, striploin, picanha - the amount keeps growing with the time. For those who love fast food it's worth tasting marble beef burger or roastbeef sandwich. Apart from it we cook salads, soups and numerous fish dishes. You can take a sorbet, chocolate cake with cream or a pumpkin ice-cream for dessert. Our various drinks will help bring out the flavor.

Most of the time visitors are entertained by soft Muzak. Waitnig for a waiter you can check your socials using our free Wi-Fi. In case of a birthday party or a different celebration just contact our manager in advance. Doing this, you will definitely receive the top-notch seats and most comfortable location.

Steak it easy is a place to eat fast in the afternoon and relax with your friends in the evening.