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Steak It Easy – affordable wine josper bar

The restaurant concept of Alexey and Dmitriy Vasilchukov (RESTart Holding) in wine partnership with Simple. This is an extremely affordable josper bar of a shotgun approach. Our place is not a typical overpriced steakhouse or a hackneyed restaurant to talk shop in, but an affordable, trendy and astonishing bar-restaurant. The executive chefs are Australian Sabby Canon and Anton Kovalkov. The main focus is on wine, steaks and burgers.

Демократичный хоспер-бар c вином
  • Wine & Meat profi
  • Best price
  • With a finger snap
About the restaurant

Concept executive chef - Australian Chef Sabby Canon


Our Australian Executive chef Sabbie Canon owns experience in numerous successful and outstanding projects like Lesartists, Voronezh, 354 Exclusive Height under his belt. Sabby`s passion for meat was sparked in his childhood, since his father is a butcher. Sabby intentionally picks up variety of meat suppliers to get the pink of perfecton in every kind of meat. Canon has been three years in Moscow. Before he used to run the kitchen of Paris bistro Frenchi To Go.



Sabby Canon